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Insko is the most beautiful lake in the Western Pomeranian region situated among moraine hills of the western part of Pomeranian Lake District in the Ina basin, 122 metres above sea level. The surface has 487ha and one big island together with several smaller ones constitute the area of 22,3ha. Maximal depth is 41,7m, medium - 11,5m. Maximal length is 5400m, width - 2100m.


Richly-developed coastline is over 28,5 km long. The surface of the water covered with vegetation has 47ha which constitutes 7,8% of the body of the water, whereas in the case of coastline it is 83%. The shape of lake is very complex and numerous deep bays, peninsulas, headlands, hollows and shallow waters are characteristic of it, as well as the south-western part of it, separated by a narrow strait and path from its main part. That is why this particular part of the lake is very often considered to be entirely distinct lake named Linowko.


Slopes are very steep and can even reach the height of 30 m. Numerous stones and boulders can be found on the shore. In this part of the lake Ostrowie village is situated. What we encounter next is the peninsula, several metres of swampy ground and a northern shore of long and narrow bay leading to Scienne town. One more hollow (36 m) situated almost in the centre of the lake is also worth mentioning. Other depths that can be found in Insko are easy to be read from the isobats shown on the enclosed map. The transparency of the water is about 6-8 m but it can be even higher during winter and early spring.


The average width of coastal shallowness is about 20 m and then the bed of the lake caves in deep into it. There are numerous shoots. All the lake freezes approximately for two months (January – February) and the thickness of the ice cover may reach even 40 cm. In case of fierce wind waves reach over 70 cm. The grounds adjacent to the lake are commonly used for camping and its impressive scenery makes it an extraordinary place for recreation.


In 1982 Insko Landscape Park has been established for the town and its neighbourhood. Beacuse of this the head of the town has imposed some bans aiming at the protection of this unique landscape. One should not only remember about this fact but also ought to obey these fundamental rules. The very town of Insko was a Slavic fishing village in the past. The town has been granted city rights at the begining of the 13th century. The fragments of defensive walls from the 15th century are still there in the town.


Today Insko is a very well developed as far as tourism is concerned. A beautiful beach together with a newly-built pier and the possibility of the borrowing of the swimming equipment successfully fulfil the town’s tourist infrastructure.


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