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Croatia – Island of Iz
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In the mediaeval times the east coast of the Adriatic Sea was the main waterway leading from the East to the West. Today there are lots of ancient ruins both on land and on the seabed which help us to follow these routes and refer to the events from our past. Our ancestors, the experienced seamen left us the system of fortresses built on island hills in order to control the routes and protect them against enemies. On the seabed there lie many shipwrecks that have been struck by storm or cannon ball. All these sunken “treasure” are taken care by the nature and you can find them around almost vertical cliffs. Such full of life places are very often divers’ destination and our centre also organises its trips there. Moreover, one of the most famous and best-located towns when it comes to tourism is surely Zadar situated on the middle-east coast of the Adriatic Sea. In our centre you can get any necessary information on how to dive in the already mentioned archeological places or how to find the famous wrecks of this historical marine museum and have fun while diving in the underwater gardens, one of the most beautiful and best-protected underwater areas of the world.

The diving base we cooperate with is placed in the building where throughout centuries traditional fishing boats were built. It is located near a beautiful promenade named Lungo Mare (from Italian) extending along coastline between the ports of Veli Iz and Drage. Only few metres separate the base from the sea. It has its own pier from which boats sail away. More information can be obtained in our centre. Phone number: (091)4840164 or mobile phone: 601725077

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